I'm on a mission to Empower Creativity


I like to describe
myself as a creative entrepreneur, performer, designer, hustler, coach, creator, and forever a dancer.

Stadium shows, cruise ships, ballet galas, and music videos; my short-lived career as a professional dancer has been nothing short of amazing opportunities and insane adventures.

2020 brought a premature end to that career as β€˜you-know-what’ messed with my plans.

Throughout my career as a freelance dancer (and hustling with many other creative skills), I encountered many struggles. Struggles that I felt could have been avoided. Since 2020, I’ve been working on finding ways to help the next generation of creatives to succeed in their careers. Sustainability is key to that.

Lanced and Freelancer Talk are the answers to that research.

I am on a mission to empower and enable creativity. Will ya join me✌🏼😎?


Unlocking the Powers of
your network